Iliyana Nedkova

Did you know that Bulgaria was so loyal to its Big Brother USSR that it used to be considered the 16th Soviet Republic? Friends of Pskov joined guests from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Dunkeld, Perth and further afield to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the collapse of Soviet communism in Bulgaria with the Bulgarian/Scottish visual artist and theatre maker Katherina Radeva at Threshold artspace, Perth Theatre on 10 November 2019 – the very day the Cold War ended in Bulgaria some 30 years ago.

The Sunday Matinee, centred around Katherina’s theatre show Fallen Fruit, included a pre-show exhibition tour of her major solo exhibition Transient Spaces and a lively post-show Q&A with the artist about the legacy of 1989, the Cold War, borders, walls, Europe, women, artists and languages. The Q&A at Threshold artspace, was set right underneath the glowing neon red star – one of the 101 works featured in Katherina’s exhibition and also Horsecross Arts latest commisison and museum acquisition. The same Red Star which like the Berlin Wall has come to be recognised as the central trope and prop of communism.

“I enjoyed Fallen Fruit so much. Katerina’s engaging personality shone through the whole energetic performance which was both stimulating and moving – what an innovative approach to the telling of history! Congratulations to all for a wonderful event…” Meg Luckins

“Touring Fallen Fruit to Perth Theatre was really special. Thank you to all who joined me, including the Friends of Pskov and those from my Bulgarian diaspora, some in tears at many points during the show. I guess seeing themselves reflected on stage is a nice thing – just how rare is that!  Extraordinary athmosphere, affirming, human! Thank you, gorgeous audiences at Perth Theatre and a special thanks to Iliyana Nedkova from Horsecross Arts and Daniela Dimova-Yaneva from The Bulgarian Cultural and Educational Centre Scotland!” Katherina Radeva