How do you celebrate the signing of the momentous Memorandum on 4 December 1990 30 years on while still in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions?

By bringing together on screen Friends of Pskov from near and far. By sharing an invigorating taste of champagne. By lighting a candle for each of the three decades on the homemade chocolate cake. By sharing stories of friendships sustained over generations and for generations to come. 

Better still, by kickstarting the Friends of Pskov ZOOM IN clubs which will lead up to the ZOOM IN digital festival of poetry, art, music and yes, food and drinks, to be launched on 15 March 2021 marking the 30th anniversary of the signing of the twinning agreement between Perth and Pskov. Stay tuned as we announce our new Friends of Pskov ZOOM IN Club for Russian and Scottish fusion cuisine or simply for exchange of favourite recipes from our grandparents to our young followers.  

In the meantime, remember to check in every day until 6 January 2021 our Advent Calendar here. This special festive countdown comes to you through our third Instagram takeover, this time by our founding Friends of Pskov member Sally Bonnar. Perhaps, the advent of 4 December 2020 will now be known as the day of Perth and Pskov: Twin Cities 30 Years On in the calendar!